miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Knowing me...

My name is Mase Jiménez, I am 15 years old and I live in Motril with my sister, Ana, she is in Bachillerato, in the same school as me.
Paula and Elvira are my best friend, I usually help Paula with some subjects, and Elvira usually helps me too.

Alright, I have some very interesting hobbies, like painting, I LOVE painting, I have some paintings on my house's wall. On the other hand, I also like listening to music, like almost everybody, I like some kinds of music, for example reagge: Bob marley, Little Pepe, Fyahbwoy... Well, I also like other bands or singers, like the Rolling Stones, América, Scorpions, etc.

Okey, let's talk about the sports, I like almost all the sports, but I especially like one that I used to practice before  waterpolo, I was doing waterpolo with Paula, Andrea, Lucía, Carmen, Alba... But I left it because I started to go to painting's classes, that I like more. I also like to support many sports. I'm planning

Well, talking about school subjects, I have some favourite subjects, like English and Physical Education, these are my favourite ones, in fact, I would like to study English Philology, to be an English teacher, but I have some doubts, because I would like to study Fine Arts too, I am getting into a mess with that. Of course, there are other subjects that I don't like as much as english, for example, Maths or French, I hate them.

This is me, and behind me, is Paula hahaha

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