viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

Hard rock café!

We are doing a project of a hard rock café, we must know where is going to be situated, why, what is going to be there, what singers are going to go, etc...
And at the end, a board of directors is going to evaluate our work:

-It will be in Almuñecar, bwcause there are many tourism and attractios (roman constructions, spas, aquatropic...). This local will be situated next to the beach, and it will be rented by 1500€, and if it is beneficial, we can buy it for 800 000€.

-The decoration will be imposed by hard tock café. There will be an area that will be the dining room, and another that will be the bar; this decoration is going to be contemporanean, and there will be posters and cd's of the groups at the moment.

-Entretenment: There will be a pulltable, foosball... And each week there will be 3 tv's emiting deports and musical channels. There will also be magacines and wifi.

-Memorabilia: We have sent a letter to several groups asking for a souvenir of them, and they have sended us a t-shirt of  ''La sudadera del manager'' !

-Music: They will act different groups each friday of each week, such as Supersubmarina, la sudadera del manager, Dani Martínez, Pablo alboran or many others.

-Menu: imposed by hard rock cafe, and you can see on the dosier all menu.

-Events: there will be differents events like raffle of cd's, t-shirts...


lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Martin Luther King's week!

In our school, we have done a special week, dedicated to Martin Luther King, other clases have done some drawings of him, and they are exposed on the playground, and in our class, we have done in pairs some works of him, of his life, his studies, his speeches, etc.
And I have worked with Alba, and we have done a presentation of him that we have sent to the teacher, but you can join to Edmodo if you want to see it,  beacause we didn't do it on slideshare, we've done a powerpoint with openoffice, so I can't show you it here, sorry!

We move!

Hi again! 
Well, i want to tell you that we are interacting in other platform called ''Edmodo'', but don't worry, I will present all my final works here, but while i am doing them, i am working on that platform, so here you are the link, to have a look if you want!