lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

Laura's interview

Hi! Well, Laura was here, in the school the other day, and we interviewed her, so, I want to do a summary of her life, what she told us:

Laura was born in England, in a city called Exeter; it's a very old city, with a very beautiful buildings, and there are a lot of good shops, and a very important Cathedral. She has lived in many places, and when she was younger, it was very easy to move to other places and the next day, get a job, according to her. She left the school when she was 16, and she said it was a big mistake, so, she went to University when she was 33; She studied spanish and went to the University again to be a teacher. Laura moved to Mallorca 12 years ago, and she was living here
during 2 years, and then, she moved to Motril. Her daughter was 3 years and she was working in a big school in Nottingham, here, teachers worked very hard, and Nottingham schools sometimes are so awkward, so, she decided to take a job in a british school, in Mallorca. She loves Spain, because of the weather, and because it's cheaper, safer, etc. And she loves to read (more in english than in spanish), Gardening...

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viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Decorating the classroom!

I think this poster would be one of the posters to put on the classroom, because this is somethig, that we don't learn easily, but of course, wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it, hahaha. So, I will be so happy if teacher choose this :)